About Matt Day

About Matt Day

Transforming the way corporations hire for entertainment

Graduating from Concordia University College of Alberta with a BA in Music in 1990, and adding a diploma in piano performance from Macewan University in 1992, Matt Day had set himself up for a successful career as a popular pianist in Edmonton. But when his 12-year contract with Fairmont as a jazz-trio pianist ended, Matt boldly expanded his musical services into the comedy, motivational speaking, and Emceeing arena — a move that is transforming the way corporations hire for entertainment.

Matt’s cohesive vision that encompasses all branches of his entertainment solutions is inspiring and connecting audiences, not only to himself but with each other. Whether it be a speaking engagement, customized comedy, or a duelling piano show, Matt aims to engage, intrigue, and partner with his audience for an unforgettable event.

Connecting with the community

Matt’s vision for connecting and inspiring extends past the corporate entertainment industry as he gives back to the community. When volunteering with Alzeihmers patients, Matt enjoys witnessing the power of music in memory care to positively engage with very special audiences. In addition to volunteering with memory care, Matt has designed an interactive music program called “Audio Canvas” which he utilizes in his artist in residence program at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital in Edmonton. Audio Canvas inspires patients to create an original work of music to authentically express their unique identity and journey through health difficulties.

Matt’s positive influence on the entertainment industry is undeniable, and through his rich experience and partnership with other local musicians, he is a sure fit for any event.